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Why We Don't Use Hashtags on Facebook

We all know that hashtags are a part of the social media landscape, but as it turns out they're not compatible with Facebook's platform. Hashtags help us to categorize and find content on other platforms like Twitter or Instagram which is why we can see them in posts there quite often. On Facebook though, since those features don't exist yet for users' pages, our only option would be to use tags instead - something that doesn’t have nearly as much functionality! In addition to this dilemma being lost-in-translation when trying to share links between different networks (for example: searching #vacation vs using @Great Escapes Vacation), it also means you'll never get popular enough among your friends list if you rely on them.

As stated hashtags, are typically used on Twitter and Instagram, are a way to categorize content. Another reason is that the potential audience for your post is much larger on Facebook than it would be on other social media sites like Twitter or Instagram. This leads to posts being more generic in order to attract the largest possible audience. Hashtags also tend to have negative connotations because of their overuse and misuse by marketers who use them excessively in hopes of generating engagement through click-bait tactics - which some might say makes sense considering how many marketers there are now compared to just five years ago!

Blog post conclusion paragraph: Hashtags are a great way to share what you're interested in and find other fascinating content. However, Facebook is not the best platform for hashtags because they don't show up on your posts or as searchable keywords (unless you use them more than once). This means that people who want to find out about your company may be missing some of your most important updates if they only check Facebook for their news feed. It's still worth using hashtags when posting to Instagram and Twitter so that those platforms can pick up the hashtag data and make it searchable. We hope this blog post has given you enough information to help decide whether hashtags would work well with your social media marketing strategy!

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